Update November 2017 -- At the October meeting it was decided to bottle the Wee Heavy and refill the barrel with English Mild.  Bottling should take place in January of 2018.

Update February 25th -- On Feb 25th the KBS clone was transferred out of the barrel and into various containers so each participant could take it home and bottle it.  A Wee Heavy (Scotch Ale) was then siphoned into the barrel to fill it up again.  In 6 months or so the next project beer will go into the keg.  Still haven't decided exactly what that will be yet.

To facilitate the transfer of the beer from the barrel, Rick devised an ingenious device to "push" the beer with CO2 and force it up out of the barrel and into whatever container the participant brought with them.  This helps prevent aeration of the beer, and prepares the barrel with CO2 for the next fill.

-- Update September 26, 2016:  Plan is to brew a Wee Heavy (AKA Scotch Ale) for the barrel on Oct 9th at a special gathering at nick's house.  It should be fermented and ready to go in the barrel when the KBS Clone is ready to come out sometime middle of November. --

December of 2015 club members discussed the possibility of purchasing a bourbon barrel and combining batches of homebrew KBS clone to fill it with.

Some members brewed various amounts, a barrel was purchased from Traverse City Whiskey Company and on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 they gathered at The Raven Brewing where the barrel will be stored, and filled it with the various batches of KBS homebrew clone.

It was interesting to note how the various batches tasted different from each other, yet when combined and sampled against actual KBS from 2016 it tasted very similar.  A sample from last year's batch of KBS revealed that last year's batch from Founders was slightly smoother, as expected, and with a touch of butterscotch.