Twice a year the American Homebrewers Association sponsors a "Brew Day" where clubs are encouraged to invite the public to meet with them and see demonstrations of brewing, ask questions about brewing, and generally have a fun time.  This spring BAMM is once again excited to host a BIg Brew Day!  On May 5th we will gather at Reed City Brewing Company in downtown Reed City to brew several batches of beer, answer questions, serve samples of homebrew, and generally have a fun time!

Come on down to the corner of Upton and Higbee and join us as we brew.  There will be several batches of beer being brewed, using several different methods, like Extract, All Grain, and Brew-in-a-Bag.  There's information for all levels of homebrewer, from "Interested, but never done it", to "My beer is already better than most beer at the store!"

For more information click the link to go to the American Homebrewer's Association's Big Brew Day 2018 Web Page!